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SAM Learning’s award-winning online learning platfrom for ages 9-16 years.

Why SAM Learning

Access Thousands of Activities

Across the main GCSE exam boards in following subjects: English Literature, English Language, Statistics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Computer Science, ICT, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Citizenship, PSHE, Physical Education, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Latin, International Curriculum, Business, Media Studies, Music, Drama, Dance, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Child Development ,Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Health and Social Care.


Proven-to-Improve Student Grades

SAM Learning is trusted by hundreds of English schools.

Impact studies over 10 years by the FFT (Fischer Family Trust) have independently proven that SAM Learning improves students grades at GCSE and KS3.

With 10 hours+ of use, students achieved 2 GCSE grades better than expected, on average. And students who were behind improved nearly twice as much.

All TV advertising claims have been fact-checked and cleared by the regulator Clearcast.

Redland Green School, England

I have been using SAM learning for many years now and it has gone form strength to strength. SAM regularly produce more and better content, the exams essential content they produced last year is top notch and is making a big difference for many students.

Tom, Teacher of Science

George Pindar School, England

Love using SAM Learning to individualise interventions for students.

Alice Ward-Gow, Second in Faculty (Mathematics)

St. Anthony’s Academy, England

The content has continually developed over the past 25 years. The support team are brilliant and always sort out any problems within a very short period of time. The students enjoy using the platform and staff enjoy setting work on it too. It has played a vital role in our school in developing student attainment.

Bob Ratcliffe, Assistant Head Teacher